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Roseville Electric - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Unitary AC/Heat Pump: $120/ton or $500/ton
Package Terminal AC/Heat Pumps: $125/unit
Variable Frequency Drive: $120/hp
Variable Speed Motor: $75/hp
Window Film: $4/sq ft
Shade Tree: $30/tree
Desktop Computer Network Controller: $10/computer
Cold Cathode Lamps: $4/lamp
Ceramic Metal Halide: $20/lamp
Screw-In LED's: $5 - $30/lamp
T8 Fluorescents: $5 - $14/lamp
Lamp Removal: $8 - $36/lamp
Stairwell/Hallway Fixture: $50/fixture
Interior High Bay Fixture: $85 - $200/fixture
Sensors: $30 - $44
High Efficiency Exit Sign: $40/sign
Vending Machine Controller: $215 per unit
New Construction: Up to $450/kW avoided for customer
New Construction: Up to $150/kW avoided for designer
Customer LED Lighting Retrofits: $800/kW reduced
Custom non-LED Lighting Retrofits: $600/kW reduced

Roseville Electric

Roseville Electric offers incentives for its commercial customers to increase the efficiency of existing facilities. Rebates are offered for energy efficient lighting equipment, HVAC system improvements, and new construction projects. Energy saving measures not covered through Roseville's prescriptive rebate program may be eligible for incentives through the Customized Rebate Program. Customers interested in pursuing rebates should contact Roseville Electric before making purchases to ensure eligibility and rebate fund availability. For full details and specific requirements visit the program web site.

Other Information 

Requirements vary widely; interested customers should refer to the web site.