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Regional Water, Sewage, and Solid Waste Districts (Indiana)

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Environmental Regulations
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Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

In some instances, smaller communities and rural areas with wells and septic systems either may not have the ability to build the necessary infrastructure or they cannot afford the cost of providing services to maintain clean water standards. Forming a regional water, solid waste or sewer district will address concerns regarding costs and availability of services for citizens and the community, while assigning management duties to the district. Once a district is formed, it will have the responsibility for providing oversight and management of drinking water, trash removal and sanitary sewer system infrastructure. In addition, districts are eligible for low interest rate loans and grants which may not be available to private utilities. Regional water, solid waste and sewer districts are local forms of government established to address these specific concerns and manage the infrastructure of drinking water systems, sanitary sewer systems and solid waste (trash removal). Districts are established to ensure these services are available to citizens who do not have public systems, such as those with private wells and septic systems.