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Puget Sound Energy - Commercial New Construction Energy Efficiency Grant Program

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Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Grant Program
Rebate Amount 

'''Whole Building Approach:'''
$0.60 - $1.80 per square foot for measures that are 10 - 30% above required code

'''Building Components:'''
Up to 100% of the incremental cost of individual measures

'''Building Commissioning:'''
Up to $0.50 per square foot with maximum of 50% of third-party commissioning agent fee

Puget Sound Energy

PSE provides a flexible incentive program to help fund energy-efficiency measures in new construction. Includes custom grants for whole buildings and building components, custom grants for third-party building commissioning, and rebates for building components and equipment. Building Commissioning and Whole Building incentives are based on building size and achieved energy savings. Incentives in the Building Components portion of the program are based upon the incremental costs of eligible equipment upgrades. Contact PSE for additional information on these programs.