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PG&E (Gas) - Multi-Family Residential Energy Efficiency Rebates

Multi-Family Residential
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System Benefits Charge

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Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Clothes Washers (In-Unit): $50
Clothes Washers (Common Area): $150
Central System Water/Space Heating: $1,500/Unit
Storage Water Heater: $200/Unit
Boilers: $500/Unit
Furnace: $150 - $300/Unit

Residential Programs

Through the Rebates for Multi-Family Properties Program, PG&E offers prescriptive rebates for owners and managers of multi-family properties of two or more units. Boilers, furnaces, clothes washers and water heaters are among the eligible products for rebates. Owners or managers can receive up to $1,500 for certain pieces of equipment and specified measures. All equipment requirements must be met. Contact PG&E for more information on this program or visit the program web site listed above.

Other Information 

See program brochure