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Pacific Power - Energy FinAnswer

Fed. Government
Local Government
State Government
Maximum Rebate 

Retrofit: 50% of the eligible energy efficiency measure cost
Lighting: 50% of savings
If incentive brings the simple payback below one year, the incentive is reduced so the simple payback equals one year.

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

$0.12/kWh-$0.18/kWh annual energy savings + $50/kW average monthly on-peak demand savings

Pacific Power's Energy FinAnswer program provides incentives to help customers improve the efficiency of their existing facilities and build new facilities that are significantly more efficient than code. New construction and retrofit projects for all industrial facilities can participate as well as all new commercial projects and commercial retrofits in facilities larger than 20,000 square feet.

Pacific Power will be involved from the beginning of construction, starting by reviewing the facility plans and identifying possible efficiency opportunities. Next, Pacific Power will prepare an energy analysis report consisting of specific recommendations and refined estimates of what each will cost and how much they'll save. It will also include an incentive offer and any commissioning requirements.

After an incentive agreement has been finalized, purchase orders can be signed and construction can begin. Commissioning submittals and invoices that document the final costs of the energy efficiency measures with labor and material itemized must be delivered to the utility before the incentive payment is made.

Other Information 

New Construction: Efficiency improvement should exceed energy code requirements or industry standards by 10%