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Maricopa Assn. of Governments - PV and Solar Domestic Water Heating Permitting Standards

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Solar/Wind Permitting Standards

In an effort to promote uniformity, the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) approved standard procedures for securing necessary electrical/building permits for residential (single-family) and commercial PV systems. These procedures are a part of the MAG Building Code Standards. The standards address requirements for the solar installation, plans, diagrams, applicable warnings, and signage. The same standards were adopted by the City of Scottsdale, although many other cities in the Phoenix area are using them as well. The Arizona solar industry was also involved in the development of the procedures. The MAG is a Council of Governments that serves as the regional agency for the metropolitan Phoenix area.

On June 18, 2003, MAG passed permit submission requirements for residential solar domestic water heating systems. This is in addition to the existing standards for residential and commercial PV systems. Local solar installers have reported that being able to refer permitting officials to these MAG standards has made it easier and quicker to get project permits. Both PV and water heating standards are periodically revised.