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Holyoke Gas and Electric - Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program

Multi-Family Residential
Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Loan Program
Rebate Amount 

up to $5,000

Customer Service

The Holyoke Gas and Electric (HG&E) Residential Energy Efficiency Program provides residential customers with loans to help make energy saving improvements on eligible homes. The loan provides 0% interest assistance and is repayable over up to 5 years and charged to the customer's monthly HG&E bill.

The program covers the following home improvements: Central air conditioning, gas fired warm air furnaces, gas fired steam boilers, gas fired hot water boilers, gas fired instantaneous hot water heaters, gas conversion burners, indirect water heater (attached to a gas fired boiler), attic insulation, wall insulation, Energy Star replacement windows and doors, Energy Star replacement sky lights, basement insulation, heating and hot water piping insulation, rim joist insulation, and storm windows. Homeowners installing insulation, replacement windows, replacement skylights, or an indirect water heater must have a free home energy audit performed before application submission. All equipment must meet certain energy efficiency standards that are listed on the application.