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Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative - Conservation Plan 7 Loan Program

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Heat Pumps
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Utility Loan Program
Rebate Amount 

up to $7,000

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative

Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative offers an incentive for members to increase the energy efficiency of existing homes and facilities through the Conservation Plan 7 Loan Program. The loan program provides funds up to $7,000 for GVEC members to make energy-saving improvements at a 7% interest rate over a 7 year loan term. Monthly payments will be made through GVEC electric bills. Energy-efficient items that may be financed include:
* Insulating windows and doors
* Attic and wall insulation
* Central electric heat pump units and central ductwork
* Electric water heaters, heat exchangers, and hot water banks
* Load shedding equipment, energy-saving lighting fixtures, and commercial building energy-management systems
* Other low-cost energy conservation improvements may qualify and be included in the financing package
Loans require a 10% down payment plus sales tax, and certain qualifications must be met. For more information, visit the program website of contact the cooperative directly.