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Energy Star Procurement Requirement for Agencies

State Government
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Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building
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Yes; specific technologies not identified
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Energy Standards for Public Buildings
Based on recommendations from the newly established Governor's Task Force On Energy Policy (March 2008), Governor Bredesen issued Executive Order 59, thereby taking an important step to lead the state of Tennessee by example in the area of energy efficiency. The language from the order was later incorporated into the Tennessee Clean Energy Future Act of 2009 and codified into law.

SB 2300 was enacted June 25, 2009 and later codified into law. It requires future office equipment, appliances, lighting, and heating and cooling products and systems purchased by and for the state agencies to be Energy Star qualified when available. The law further stipulates that contracts that do not offer Energy Star products should not be renewed and all future contracts with the state should offer Energy Star products. The Department of General Services, along with the Department of Finance and Administration, will establish and provide additional guidelines for state agencies in order to implement the order.