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City of Lompoc Utilities - Residential Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program

Savings Category 
Clothes Washers
Custom/Others pending approval
Other EE
LED Lighting
Program Info
Sector Name 
Utility Conservation
Program Type 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Clothes Washer: $120
Dishwasher: $50
LED Holiday Lights: $4 - $8
LED Exit Signs: $15
LED Light Bulb - $10
Refrigerator Replacement Rebate: $144
Refrigerator Buy-Back Program: $35
Custom: $0.15/watt saved


City of Lompoc Utilities (CLU) offers incentives to its residential customers for upgrading the energy efficiency of home appliances. CLU provides rebates paid monthly as credits on utility bills to customers who replace old clothes washers and dish washers with Energy Star labeled appliances. They will reward customers who purchase LED holiday lights with $4 for strands up to 75 lights, or $8 for strands longer than 75 lights. Also, CLU customers qualify to receive a rebate up to $10 per light bulb (not to exceed one-half of purchase cost) when replacing old incandescent lightbulbs with equivalent wattage LED light bulbs. Limit: 10 light bulbs per electric customer per year.

Additionally, the City of Lompoc Utilities has a refrigerator buy back program, in which the city will pay the customer $35 (or $144 if refrigerator was manufactured before 1992) and provide free pick-up and disposal of the refrigerator. CLU also provides assistance to income qualified customers for refrigerator and clothes washer replacements.  Old appliances must be in working order and all appliances must be inspected by city staff before they are taken out of service.  In addition to these incentives, a custom rebate of $0.15 per watt saved is available. Contact CLU, or check the program website, for eligibility and equipment standards.