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City of Aspen - Energy Assessment Rebate Program

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Utility Rebate Program
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Up to $225

City of Aspen Community Development

The City of Aspen encourages interested residents and businesses to increase the energy efficiency of homes and offices through the Energy Assessment Program. Participating homes and offices must located within the city and have a BPI-certified energy assessment performed on the property prior to receiving rebate payments. A report with recommended energy efficiency improvements will be made available to property owners after the completion of this assessment. Those who pursue and complete these recommendations are eligible for a reimbursement incentive of up to $225. Improvements include, but are not limited to CFL bulbs and fixtures, caulking material, insulation material, programmable thermostats and contracted insulation improvements. Participating individuals and businesses must be able to provide all relevant receipts for purchased equipment. Contact the City of Aspen or view the program website for additional information.

Other Information 

See program web site