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CenterPoint Energy (Gas) - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Federal Government
Savings Category 
Water Heaters
Lighting Controls/Sensors
Steam-system upgrades
Processing and Manufacturing Equipment
Other EE
Food Service Equipment
Maximum Rebate 

Steam Trap Replacement: Up to $10,000/building
Boiler Tune-Ups: $1,500 cap per facility
Boiler Turbulator: $750/boiler
Fully Modulating Boiler Burner: 25% of equipment and installation cost
Stack Damper: 35% of equipment and installation cost
Unit Heaters: 25% of equipment cost

Program Info
Sector Name 
Program Type 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Boilers: Varies, See Program Website
Boiler Turbulator: 35% of cost
Fully Modulating Boiler Burner: $450/MMBtu
Stack Damper: $250/MMBtu
Boiler Reset Control: $150/control system
Boiler Cut-out Control- $150/control system
Boiler Tune-Ups: 25% of cost up to $300/boiler or $1,500/building
Carbon Monoxide Sensors: $100/sensor
Linkageless controls: $300/MMBtu input
High Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heaters: $200/100,000 Btu

Forced-Air Furnace: $150 - $400 per unit
Condensing Unit Heater: $600/heater, not to exceed 25% of equipment cost
Infrared Heaters: $250 per unit
Unit Heaters: $300 per unit, not to exceed 25% of equipment cost
Energy recovery wheels and plates: $0.25/CFM outside air through device

Steam Trap Replacement: 35% of equipment cost
Natural Gas Water Heaters: $200/100,000 Btu input

Food Service Equipment: Varies

CenterPoint Energy offers rebates on a variety of energy efficient equipment to its business customers in Minnesota. This includes boilers, furnaces, tune-ups, system controls, infrared heaters, food service equipment, water heaters as well as a custom rebate. CenterPoint Energy's rebate programs make it easier to install higher efficiency equipment for greater energy savings and improved performance. Operating cost over the life of these efficient products will save customers money in addition to the rebates which may be received through this program. The rebate must be applied for during the calendar year in which the equipment was installed. Locations receiving rebates on equipment must be heated with natural gas from CenterPoint Energy. Visit the program website and view the rebate application forms for more information.