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Building Energy Code

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Building Energy Code
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

''Much of the information presented in this summary is drawn from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building Energy Codes Program and the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP). For more detailed information about building energy codes, visit the [ DOE] and [ BCAP] websites.''

Compliance with BEES is covered by local building officials, banks, or the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. A standardized compliance form is required to be furnished with mortgage packages for mortgage-financed residences. Certification may also be made by the architect, engineer, an Alaska Licensed New Home Inspector, or a local building code official. Proposed changes to the standards for residential buildings can be submitted to the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, which reviews and acts on the proposals. Public hearings are required before changes are adopted.

Builders must certify compliance with the BEES requirements by completing a standardized compliance form that must be furnished with the mortgage package. Compliance with the code is required for all new residential buildings and commercial buildings that receive financing from the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, or are otherwise state-financed. The builder may choose one of the following methods to show compliance: 1) inspection and certification by a registered architect or engineer or by an Alaska Licensed New Home Inspector, 2) state-approved home energy rating methods, 3) certification by the local building code official when the local energy code is at least as stringent as the BEES requirements, or 4) certification by a builder who has taken the appropriate Building Science Training.

Alaska most recently revised their residential building effective March 9, 2011 by adopting the residential provisions of the 2009 IECC with Alaska-specific amendments.

More information on Alaska's Energy Code can be found on the [ Alaska Housing Finance Corporation website].