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Brownfield Assistance Program (Delaware)

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Delaware Strategic Fund

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Grant Program
Business Financing

The Brownfield Assistance Program, administrated by the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) and funded from Delaware Strategic Fund, provides matching grants to owners and developers to encourage the redevelopment of environmentally distressed sites within the state. Brownfield redevelopment is an important tool for Delaware's livable growth, recycling the state's land and cleaning up the environment within areas designed for growth. However, these sites cannot be revitalized without the help of developers, commercial real estate firms, lenders, and property owners. In the past, concerns over liability and the added cost of cleaning up a site have hindered the redevelopment of Brownfields. The state of Delaware understands the risks are higher for these projects and, in response, provides financial incentives and a fast track cleanup process.

The program is administered in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and offers the lesser of up to $100,000 or 50 percent of the costs associated with the investigation and remediation of a Brownfield site. Phase I costs are excluded from the Program and unlike the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)’s Program, each project must have an employment impact of a minimum of five permanent full-time jobs. To be eligible for DEDO’s Program, the owner, prospective owner or developer must first obtain a Brownfield Certification through DNREC that recognizes the site as a Brownfield. After Certification has been obtained, an application can be sent to DEDO for evaluation and processing. Eligibility for Brownfield assistance will be based on the project’s potential to serve a public purpose by maintaining or expanding employment in the State, by maintaining, expanding, or diversifying business and industry in the State, and/or maintaining or increasing its tax base.

Associated with the program is the Delaware Brownfields Marketplace, a list of Brownfield sites available for redevelopment in Delaware.