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Black Hills Energy (Gas) - Residential New Construction Rebate Program

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Builder Incentive: $800 - $2300

Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy offers new construction rebates for home builders in the eligible service area. Rebates between $800 and $5,000 are available for a range of efficiency measures incorporated into home construction. Qualifying homes must use natural gas and meet the minimum efficiency requirements. The program web site listed above has a complete summary and table of available incentives and program requirements. A program application with complete program information is also available on the program web site. Home owners who purchase an eligible home along with a high-efficiency clothes washer and dishwasher are eligible for a $120 payment. Contact Black Hills Energy for other program information.

Other Information 

Envelope: R-10 continuous, or R-13 cavity foundation insulation
Slab Insulation: At least R-10 4 ft depth
Floor Insulation (Above Unheated Space): At least R-30
Walls: At least R-20 or R-13 + 5
Windows: Energy Star qualified; At least 15% of above-grade conditioned floor area must be at least 0.35
Doors: At least R-5
Ceiling: At least R-49
Furnace: At least 92% AFUE
Natural Gas Boiler: 85% AFUE
Integrated Space and Water Heating: 0.84 CAE
Thermostat: Energy Star qualified; or meets pre-programming requirements
Water Heaters (Storage,Tankless,Integrated Space/Water): At least 0.67 EF or 0.84 CAE
Infiltration: At least 5 ACH50
Duct Work: At least R-8 in unconditioned space; duct mastic/aluminum foil tape or other approved sealant to be used on sheet metal joints and supply and returns