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AEP (SWEPCO) - Residential Energy Efficiency Programs (Texas)

Multi-Family Residential
Maximum Rebate 

Project Sponsor Limits (Large Projects): $125,000
Project Sponsor Limits (Small Projects): $30,000

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Tier 1: $245/kW; $0.08/kWh
Tier 2: $270/kW; $0.09/kWh
Tier 3: $300/kW; $0.10/kWh
Tier 4: $350/kW; $0.11/kWh

Southwestern Electric Power Company

The SWEPCO Residential Standard Offer Program provides incentives to Project Sponsor contractors for installing energy efficiency measures at the homes of residential customers. Project Sponsors agree with customers on terms including measures to be installed, conditions of sale, and price. Customers will be asked to sign and date the Host Customer Agreement and Acknowledgement form provided by SWEPCO to document participation in the RSOP. SWEPCO will select a random sample of sites and measures to inspect and will contact those customers to schedule the inspection.

In an effort to provide a more comprehensive program, SWEPCO will encourage projects which target counties or measures which have typically been underserved by varying its incentive levels. Four separate incentive levels are available for a range of measures and equipment listed below. More complex and costly improvements are awarded incentives at levels above simple upgrades. All installations must meet program requirements. Contact AEP SWEPCO for more information.

Tier 1: duct efficiency (DU) only, air infiltration (IN) only, all water heater measures (except solar), all multi-family measures (except HVAC)

Tier 2: duct efficiency and air infiltration in a single residence, refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers

Tier 3: duct efficiency, air infiltration and ceiling insulation in a single residence, all insulation measures

Tier 4: all HVAC measures, duct efficiency combined with HVAC replacement in a single residence, windows, solar water heating, underserved counties

Other Information 

View program web site and contact AEP