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External Independent Review (EIR) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) September 2010

External Independent Reviews (EIRs) are conducted in order to validate the Performance Baseline of the project. The purpose is to provide the Acquisition Executive and senior leadership within the Department of Energy, as well as Congress confidence, with minimal bias, that the project can be executed within scope, schedule and cost commitments, while meeting its key performance parameters and ultimately fulfilling its mission need.

This EIR Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) includes discussion of the EIR process, scope elements and lines of inquiry (LOI) (tailored based on the project scope, size, complexity, dollar value, and other factors), Corrective Action Plans (CAP), and OECM’s Performance Baseline validation process. The objectives of the SOP is to clarify EIR expectations and to facilitate EIR planning and preparation by OECM and its EIR contractor as well as the DOE Programs and project teams.