Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management

  • Council Honors EM Program with Prestigious Historic Preservation Award

    OREM was honored as a recipient of the prestigious Chairman’s Award for Achievement in Historic Preservation at a recent ceremony in Washington D.C.’s National Building Museum. The award is given by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, an organization whose members are appointed by the U.S. President. OREM received the award for its contribution to the Alexander Inn rehabilitation project.

  • OREM supports local program fostering the next generation of environmental stewards

    OREM and CRESO hosted media for a “turtle hunt” of Tennessee’s state reptile, the Eastern Box Turtle. Today’s event is just one example of how community partnerships are having a real-world impact, enabling Anderson County middle and high school students to participate in and contribute to long-term ecological field studies that focus on the wildlife of East Tennessee.

  • Community Meeting Focuses on Enabling Future Missions in Oak Ridge

    OREM recently hosted its annual community workshop, a public event intended to raise awareness about the organization’s budget and planning process, including its funding levels, commitments, and near-term priorities. This year’s agenda had an eye toward the future and focused on how the cleanup program enables...

  • Building K-27 Disappearing Quickly

    In February 2016, demolition crews made their first tear into the K-27 gaseous diffusion building. Now, only months later, the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management and its contractor UCOR have already completed demolition on more than 65 percent of the four-story, 383,000-square-foot facility.

  • New EM Plan Calls for Research, Technology to Help Fight Mercury Contamination

    EM has released a new plan to address mercury contamination that advocates for research and technology development to resolve key technical uncertainties with the pollutant in environmental remediation, facility deactivation and decommissioning, and tank waste processing. The plan recommends...

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