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HQ Mediation Program

beach for web.jpgThe DOE Headquarters Mediation Program began in 1995.  We believe that most workplace conflicts are based on miscommunication, and that it is best to resolve them as early as possible before they enter a formal and adversarial process.  We encourage referrals of conflicts at as early a stage as possible, believing that this offers the best opportunity for a lasting resolution.

Depending on the availability and the nature of the dispute, the program uses in-house mediators, mediators from other federal agencies or professional mediators under contract with the Department of Energy.  Parties to the mediation must voluntarily agree to participate in mediation, and may bring with them a family member, union representative, or attorney.  Mediations are confidential, and information is shared only with those within the agency with a need to know in order to implement or approve a settlement agreement.

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