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TSO-1104 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

The individual is employed by a Department of Energy (DOE) contractor, and was granted a security clearance in connection with that employment. During the process of applying for a higherlevel security clearance, the individual provided information to the DOE that is inconsistent with information that he previously provided. Because these inconsistencies raised security concerns, the local security office (LSO) summoned the individual for an interview with a personnel security specialist in March 2011. After this Personnel Security Interview (PSI), the LSO referred the individual to a local psychiatrist (hereinafter referred to as “the DOE psychiatrist”) for an agencysponsored evaluation. The DOE psychiatrist prepared a written report setting forth the results of that evaluation, and sent it to the LSO. After reviewing this report and the rest of the individual’s personnel security file, the LSO determined that derogatory information existed that cast into doubt the individual’s eligibility for access authorization. They informed the individual of this determination in a letter that set forth the DOE’s security concerns and the reasons for those concerns. I will hereinafter refer to this letter as the Notification Letter. The Notification Letter also informed the individual that he was entitled to a hearing before a Hearing Officer in order to resolve the substantial doubt concerning his eligibility for access authorization.