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PSH-13-0104 - In the Matter of Personnel Security

On December 20, 2013, a Hearing Officer issued a decision in which she concluded that an individual’s request for a DOE access authorization should not be granted.  A local security office referred the individual’s request for a security clearance to administrative review after receiving derogatory information regarding the individual’s use of alcohol, and a diagnosis by a DOE psychologist that the individual suffers from Alcohol Dependence.  In considering the record and testimony, the Hearing Officer found ample evidence to support the DOE psychologist’s diagnosis of Alcohol Dependence.  While the individual disagreed with the opinion of the DOE psychologist, he presented no evidence to refute the diagnosis apart from his own testimony.  Moreover, the individual failed to show that he had taken any steps toward rehabilitation or reformation from his excessive use of alcohol, as recommended by the DOE psychologist.   The Hearing Officer therefore concluded that the individual had failed to mitigate the security concerns associated with his use of alcohol. 

Diane DeMoura - Hearing Officer