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PSH-13-0049 - In the Matter of Personnel Security

On August 30, 2013, a Hearing Officer issued a Decision in which he determined that an individual’s access authorization should not be granted. In reaching this determination, the Hearing Officer found that the individual had not resolved security concerns under Criterion L regarding the Individual’s failure to report an arrest for failure to appear at an arraignment concerning traffic tickets and a citation for failing to have a controlled prescription medication in its proper container. Additionally, the Individual gave conflicting accounts of the circumstances surrounding her prescription medication container citation. The Individual presented testimony regarding her belief that she need not have reported the incidents since they arose from a traffic ticket where the fine was less than $250 and because the container citation did not involve “illegal” drugs. The Hearing Officer found that her belief that she did not have to report the arrest was not reasonable given the fact the Individual signed a security form stating that she had to report all arrests and citations “other than a traffic citation with a fine of less than $250.” Further, the Hearing Officer found that the Individual had not resolved the Criterion L concerns surrounding her inconsistent reports regarding the container citation. Given the evidence before him, the Hearing Officer found that the individual should not be granted a security clearance.

Richard Cronin - Hearing Officer