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PSH-13-0012 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

On July 17, 2013, an OHA Hearing Officer issued a decision in which he concluded that an individual should be granted authorization access.  When the individual was 17 years old (2007), he was diagnosed with sudden onset diabetes (Type 1 – Insulin Dependent). While hospitalized to stabilize his diabetes, he was diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder NOS.  Three months later, immediately following a traumatic telephone call with his girlfriend, he ingested a handful of over-the-counter medication in a suicide attempt. He was diagnosed with “Depression NOS.” The individual disclosed his history of treatment for psychological disorders when he applied for access authorization four-and-one-half years later. A DOE consulting psychologist evaluated the individual and diagnosed him as suffering from Depressive Disorder NOS and Anxiety Disorder NOS. Based upon embedded validity scales on the MMPI, the DOE psychologist viewed the individual’s MMPI results were invalid and relied upon the individual’s responses on the Rorschach test and his personal history as the bases for his diagnoses. The DOE psychologist testified that research showed that the greatest majority of people with the same pattern of responses on the Rorschach as the individual were depressed. The Hearing Officer found this analysis attenuated. The individual’s forensic psychologist (who was also a neuropsychologist with a research background on the effect of diabetes on executive function and depression) evaluated the individual and concluded the individual is not currently manifested any mental disorders. Her explanation relied upon the brain development that takes place between the teenage years and the early 20’s. The Hearing Officer found this analysis persuasive and consistent with (1) the individual’s success in managing his diabetes since his teenage years with no occurrences of ketoacidosis and (2) no suicide attempts or suicidal ideation since the time of his teenage suicide attempt in 2007.

Wade Boswell - Hearing Officer