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PSH-12-0083 - In the Matter of In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

On November 14, 2012, an OHA Hearing Officer issued a decision in which he concluded that an individual’s security clearance should be restored.  A Local Security Office suspended the individual’s security clearance for failing to comply with rules regarding the handling of classified information and conduct within limited access areas and for failing to report such non-compliance.  This behavior raised security concerns under Criteria G and L.  After conducting a hearing and evaluating the documentary and testimonial evidence, the Hearing Officer found that the individual had presented sufficient evidence to resolve these security concerns.  Specifically, he found that the individual had demonstrated a very positive history of complying with rules and regulations despite the isolated errors, had worked in a culture, now changing, that discouraged reporting non-compliance, and remains fully engaged in protecting classified information.  As a result, the hearing officer was convinced that the likelihood that such incidents will recur is low.