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FIA-14-0032 - In the Matter of Torres Consulting & Law Group, LLC

On June 16, 2014, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) denied a Freedom of Information Act Appeal (FOIA) filed by Torres Consulting & Law Group, LLC, (Appellant) of a determination issued by the Oak Ridge Office (Oak Ridge).  In its Appeal, the Appellant challenged Oak Ridge’s finding that the requested documents were not agency records.  OHA found that despite the Appellant’s claims to the contrary, the records were not in the possession and control of Oak Ridge at the time of the request.  The appellant argued that under the Davis-Bacon Act, Oak Ridge was required to keep copies of the records.  We disagreed.  Further, the Appellant argued that DOE’s contract with Battelle Memorial Institute described the records as agency records.  We disagreed with the Appellant’s reading of the underlying regulations.  Therefore, OHA denied the Appeal.