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FIA-12-0044 - In the Matter of Cynthia Brown

Cynthia Brown filed an Appeal regarding a request filed under the Freedom of Information Act.  In March 2012, Ms. Brown filed a request for records regarding her late mother.  In a July 2012 determination, the DOE’s Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) issued a determination in response to Ms. Brown’s request.  In that determination, HSS reported the results of searches it had conducted 1) at Richland Operations Office and 2) of Human Radiation Experiments records, with the assistance of the Office of Legacy Management.  Based on information provided to us, we find that HSS performed a search reasonably calculated to reveal records responsive to Ms. Brown’s FOIA request.  HSS collaborated with knowledgeable officials to ascertain where responsive documents might exist and had searches made of those locations. We find that DOE personnel made inquiries beyond what the FOIA requires of them in searching for responsive documents.  Accordingly, we find that the search was adequate for purposes of the FOIA and the Appeal should be denied.