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Supplemental Comments of David K. Paylor, Director of the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality

Docket No. EO-05-01: Pursuant to Department of Energy ("DOE") Order No. 202-06-1 issued February 17,2006, David K. Paylor ("Director"), Director of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality ("DEQ"), through his counsel Robert F. McDonnell, the Attorney General of Virginia, submits these comments concerning the operation of the Potomac River Generation Station Power Plant ("Potomac River Power Plant" or "Plant"), owned by Mirant Potomac River, LLC ("Mirant") and located in Alexandria, Virginia. The Director also hereby incorporates all of the pleadings that he and his predecessor have filed in this proceeding, including his Request for Rehearing and Clarification of Order No. 202-05-3 filed on January 19, 2006.