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Pepco Update on Current Construction Work and Mirant Generation Needs for Pepco's Planned June Line Outage

Docket No. EO-05-01.  Pepco needs the following to occur to provide necessary reliability to the central D.C. area during this scheduled June outage in order to complete installation of new transmission circuits to serve the central D.C. area. The situations that we would expect generation support for this outage are as follows:

  • Two 230 KV lines in service: 264 MW generation to protect against the loss of one 230KV line.
  • One 230KV line in service (i.e., one of the two lines has experienced an outage): 264 MW generation is required, with an additional 218 MW (the remainder available from the 482 MW plant) available to run within 4 hours. This will protect against the loss of both 230 KV lines
  • Two 230 KV lines in service and an operational problem with one unit: 264 MW generation is required. However, during the time required to bring an additional unit online (80 – 100 MW of generation), total generation could temporarily increase up to 344-364 MW due to the need to compensate for the unit that must be taken out of service. Within 4 hours after reaching stable operating conditions, however, total generation would be reduced back to 264 MW. 
  • Three 230 KV lines in service: Generation not required to support line outage