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Microgrid 2014 MVP Challenge

The Energy Department has launched the Microgrid 2014 MVP Challenge, a competition to support resiliency and adaptation in communities across America. Under this Challenge, organizations with operational microgrids are encouraged to submit details about their microgrid designs and operational data for judging. The operational data will help the Department learn more about the performance and value of microgrids and capture practical information that can be shared about how microgrids are being used to make communities more resilient. As part of the Obama Administration’s Climate Action Plan, the competition advances the President’s commitment to helping the nation prepare for the impacts of climate change. The deadline for applying is August 29, 2014.

Entries will be judged according to four criteria: resiliency, clean energy system, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. The Energy Department anticipates making one $100,000 award in each of the following six categories:

  • Healthcare facilities;
  • Emergency shelters, including housing and schools;
  • Municipal facilities, including police stations, fire stations, and water treatment plants;
  • Commercial facilities such as financial centers;
  • Industrial facilities and activities, such as transportation and critical manufacturing; and
  • Other government facilities.

Detailed information about the competition, including rules, submission requirements, and evaluation criteria, is available in the attached “Microgrid 2014 MVP Challenge” Word document. To get started, please download the attached Word document and the attached Appendix A (Excel spreadsheet). All materials must be submitted via email to by August 29, 2014.

If you have questions about this competition, please contact the Energy Department at