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Department of Energy Emergency Order No. 202-06-01

Docket No. EO-05-01. Order No. 202-06-01: On December 20,2005, I issued Department of Energy (DOE) Order No. 202-05-3. On January 19,2006, David K. Paylor, Director of the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality, and the City of Alexandria, Virginia submitted requests for rehearing of Order No. 202-05-3 concerning the Mirant Potomac River Generating Station. Also on January 19,2006, the District of Columbia Public Service Commission submitted a request for clarification or, in the alternative, rehearing of Order No. 202-05-3. The rehearing requests were submitted pursuant to section 3 13 of the Federal Power Act, 16 U.S.C. 8251.
In order to afford additional time for consideration of the matters raised in the rehearing requests, and any additional relevant facts, rehearing of Order No. 202-05-3 is granted for the limited purpose of further consideration. Order No. 202-05-3 remains in effect as DOE gives further consideration to the issues raised in the rehearing requests.