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New Electricity Advisory Committee Reports Delivered to the Department of Energy

November 1, 2011 - 9:50am


The Electricity Advisory Committee approved three new reports at their meeting on October 20, 2011. These reports include recommendations on cyber security, storage, and the interdependence of electricity and natural gas.

Recommendations on U. S. Grid Security

  • The Electricity Advisory Committee recommends that the Department of Energy take a more active, complementary role in the efforts of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation with respect to the Critical Infrastructure Strategic Roadmap developed by the Electricity Sub-Sector Coordinating Council and approved by the NERC Board of Trustees in November 2010. 

Interdependence of Electricity System Infrastructure and Natural Gas Infrastructure

  • The Electricity Advisory Committee recommends that the Department of Energy should increase its involvement in efforts involved in supporting the interdependence of the two infrastructures including providing guidance and policy making support, supporting research and development efforts, and evaluating the effect of generation changes in other sectors on the need for natural gas.

Estimating the Value of Electricity Storage Resources in Electricity Markets

  • The Electricity Advisory Committee is providing this report is to assist the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 1) establishing a framework for understanding the role electricity storage resources (storage) can play in wholesale and retail electricity markets, 2) assessing the value of electricity storage in a variety of regions or markets, , 3) analyzing current and potential issues that can affect the valuation of storage by investors at the wholesale and retail level, and 4) identifying areas for future research and development for electricity storage technologies and applications.

These reports were delivered to the Honorable Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy and the Honorable Patricia Hoffman, Assistant Secretary for Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability by the chair of the Electricity Advisory Committee, Richard Cowart