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Energy News

March 26, 2013
Energy Department Launches New Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative

Awards $23 Million in Innovative Manufacturing R&D Projects,
Opens Nation’s First Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Research Facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

March 22, 2013
ARPA-E Announces $40 Million for Research Projects to Develop Cleaner and Cheaper Transportation Choices for Consumers

Two New ARPA-E Programs Will Engage Nation’s Brightest Scientists, Engineers and Entrepreneurs in Research Competition to Improve Vehicle Manufacturing Techniques and Natural Gas Conversion

March 20, 2013
U.S. Energy Deputy Secretary Poneman, Brazil’s Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy Zimmermann Sign Advance Bilateral Energy Relationship

Officials Issue Joint Statement Following the Second Meeting of the U.S. – Brazil Strategic Energy Dialogue created by President Obama and President Rousseff

March 14, 2013
U.S.-Asia Pacific Comprehensive Energy Partnership

East Asia Summit Energy Cooperation Task Force

New Renewable Energy Power Generation Workstream

March 11, 2013
Energy Department Announces New Funding Opportunity for Innovative Small Modular Reactors

Follow-On Solicitation to Help Design and License SMRs for Commercialization by 2025

March 5, 2013
Energy Department Accelerates the Deployment of Advanced Vehicle Technologies with Private Industry Partnerships

Coca-Cola, Dell, Facebook, Hertz, and Others Partner with the Energy Department to Offer More Vehicle Fueling Options for Employees

February 26, 2013
ARPA-E Announces Projects Have Attracted Over $450 Million in Private Sector Funding, Spurred Start-up Company Formation and Fostered

ARPA-E Deputy Director Cheryl Martin Highlights Projects’ Technical Successes and Market Engagement During Keynote At ARPA-E’s Fourth Annual Energy Innovation Summit

February 25, 2013
STARTING TODAY: Bloomberg, Daniels, Musk, Pickens, Chu and Energy Leaders Headline 3-Day ARPA-E Summit

Building on the President’s call in his State of the Union address to further American energy independence through innovation, key thought leaders from academia, business, and government will come together.

February 21, 2013
Energy Department Announces $20 Million for New Tools and Technology to Strengthen Energy Sector Cybersecurity Protections

Industry to Test Effectiveness of Developed Tools Under Cyber Threat Scenarios

February 21, 2013
Obama Administration Announces Johnson Controls, Macy’s and Sprint Join the Better Buildings Challenge

National Leadership Program to Cut Energy Waste, Create Clean Energy Jobs