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Latest Documents and Notices

June 27, 2014
EIS-0499: Notice of Intent to Prepare Environmental Impact Statement

Great Northern Transmission Line Project

June 24, 2014
EIS-0501: FERC Project Update

Golden Pass LNG Export and Pipeline Project, Texas and Louisiana

June 9, 2014
EA-1616-S1: Draft Environmental Assessment

National Carbon Capture Center Project at Southern Company Services' Power Systems Development Facility near Wilsonville, Alabama

June 9, 2014
EIS-0380: Mitigation Action Plan

2008 Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement for the Continued Operation of Los Alamos National Laboratory

June 4, 2014
EA-1977: Notice of Intent

Acceptance and Disposition of Used Nuclear Fuel Containing U.S.-Origin Highly Enriched Uranium from the Federal Republic of Germany

May 29, 2014
EIS-0478: Final Environmental Impact Statement

Antelope Valley Station to Neset Transmission Project, Mercer, Dunn, Billings, Williams, McKenzie, and Mountrail Counties, North Dakota

May 29, 2014
EA-1984: Draft Environmental Assessment

Disposition of Five Signature Properties at Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho

May 28, 2014
EA-1966: Draft Environmental Assessment

Sunflower Wind Project, Hebron, North Dakota

May 27, 2014
EIS-0500: Notice of Intent to Prepare Environmental Impact Statement

Crystal Springs Hatchery Program; Bingham, Custer, and Lemhi Counties, Idaho

May 27, 2014
EA-1988: Finding of No Significant Impact

NFSC (Northwest Fisheries Science Center) Earthen Drainage Channel, Burley Creek Hatchery, Port Orchard, Washington