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Latest Documents and Notices

June 19, 2015
EIS-0453: DOE Notice of Availability of Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Recapitalization of Infrastructure Supporting Naval Spent Nuclear Fuel Handling at the Idaho National Laboratory

June 12, 2015
EA-1927: Draft Environmental Assessment

Conveyance of Land and Facilities at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant for Economic Development Purposes, Paducah, Kentucky

June 12, 2015
Draft Supplement Analysis

Two Proposed Shipments of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel to Idaho National Laboratory for Research and Development Purposes

June 11, 2015
EA-1973: Finding of No Significant Impact and Mitigation Action Plan

Kootenai River Restoration at Bonners Ferry, Boundary County, Idaho

June 11, 2015
EA-1973: Final Environmental Assessment

Kootenai River Restoration at Bonners Ferry, Boundary County, Idaho

June 5, 2015
EIS-0417: Record of Decision

South Mountain Freeway (Loop 202); Phoenix, Arizona

June 3, 2015
EA-1605: Revised Finding of No Significant Impact

Biomass Cogeneration and Heating Facilities at the Savannah River Site

June 3, 2015
EIS-0503: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

New England Clean Power Link Project, Vermont

May 28, 2015
EIS-0222-SA-02: Supplement Analysis

Hanford Comprehensive Land-Use Plan Environmental Impact Statement

May 27, 2015
EA-1943: Draft Environmental Assessment

Long Baseline Neutrino Facility/Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (LBNF/DUNE) at Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois and the Sanford Underground Research Facility, Lead, South Dakota