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Latest Documents and Notices

September 15, 2015
EA-1975: Supplement Analysis

LINAC Coherent Light Source-Il, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, California

September 10, 2015
EIS-0459: Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

Hawaii Clean Energy Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

September 3, 2015
EA-1972: Finding of No Significant Impact

Electric District 2 to Saguaro No. 2 Transmission Line Rebuild; Pinal County, Arizona

August 28, 2015
EIS-0463: Notice of Public Hearings

Northern Pass Transmission Line Project, New Hampshire

August 26, 2015
EIS-0408: Record of Decision

Upper Great Plains Wind Energy Programmatic EIS

August 26, 2015
EA-1951: Draft Environmental Assessment

Midway-Moxee Rebuild and Midway-Grandview Upgrade Transmission Line; Benton and Yakima Counties, Washington

August 25, 2015
EIS-0491: Final Environmental Impact Statement

Lake Charles Liquefaction Project; Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

August 20, 2015
EIS-0492: Notice of Meetings

Oregon LNG Export Project (Warrenton, OR) and Washington Expansion Project (between Sumas and Woodland, WA)

August 17, 2015
EA-1979: Finding of No Significant Impact

Summit Wind Farm; Summit, South Dakota

August 17, 2015
EA-1979: Final Environmental Assessment

Summit Wind Farm; Summit, South Dakota