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Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, September 2003

Welcome to the 36th quarterly report on lessons learned in the NEPA process. We are pleased to feature the July 2003 NEPA Community Meeting in this issue.  Also, please note that the cumulative index, a useful reference tool, is printed in this issue. Thank you for your continuing support of the Lessons Learned program.
Included in this issue:
  • DOE NEPA Community Gauges Progress In Its Continuing Pursuit of Excellence
  • Floodplain and Wetland Regulations Effective September 26, 2003
  • NEPA Community Meeting Highlights
    • Metrics Show Progress In Meeting Goals
    • Getting from Here to There
    • Lessons Learned Along the Way
    • e-Government Approaches to EIS Distribution
    • Procedures Evolving for Sensitive Information
    • Preview of CEQ NEPA Task Force Report
  • DOE-wide NEPA Contracts Update
  • CMRR Draft EIS
  • NEPA and Negotiation Help BPA
  • NEPA Helps Protect Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystem
  • FERC Integrates NEPA and Licensing
  • Transitions
  • NEPA Section 101: Request for Information
  • 28th NAEP Conference Report
  • Litigation Updates
  • Training Opportunities
  • EAs and EISs Completed This Quarter
  • Cost and Time Facts
  • Recent EIS Milestones
  • Third Quarter FY2003 Questionnaire Results
  • Cumulative Index