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Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, March 2002

Welcome to the 30th quarterly report on lessons learned in the NEPA process. We thank you for your continuing support of the Lessons Learned program.

Articles included in this issue:
  • CEQ Guidance Encourages Agency Cooperation
  • DOE Embraces Further NEPA Improvements
  • Beverly Cook Becomes Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety, and Health
  • Draft Interim Action Guidance Prepared
  • Mini-guidance: Analyze Alternatives to Provide Flexibility
  • Annual NEPA Planning Summaries
  • Update on Security Issues
  • A NEPA Streamlining Strategy
  • Anthrax Aftermath – Dealing with Mail Delays
  • NRC Seeks Comments on Draft NEPA Guidance
  • DOE-wide NEPA Contracts Update
  • Essential Fish Habitat Final Rule Issued
  • Transitions
  • CEQ Task Force to Modernize NEPA
  • Senior NEPA Liaisons to Meet with CEQ
  • Training Opportunities
  • Litigation Updates
  • EAs and EISs Completed This Quarter
  • Recent EIS-Related Milestones
  • NEPA Document Cost and Time Facts