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Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, June 1997

Welcome again to the Quarterly Report on Lessons Learned in the NEPA process. 

This report includes:
  • DOE-wide NEPA Contracts Will Be Ready to Use Soon!
  • CEQ Initiative on NEPA Implementation
  • DOE Submits Comments on CEQ Environmental Justice Guidance 
  • NEPA Order to Be Reissued with Conforming Changes 
  • DOE Sued on Stockpile Stewardship and Waste Management PEISs 
  • Effective NEPA Hearings 
  • Bob Strickler and Linda Thurston Retire 
  • Reminder about Stakeholder Notification 
  • Litigation Updates 
  • New Executive Order on Protecting Children from Environmental Risks 
  • Annual NEPA Planning Summaries 
  • What's New with Electronic NEPA 
  • Questionnaire Results 
  • Other Completed EIS-Related Documents
  • EIS and EA Trend Analysis