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Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, June 1996

Welcome again to the Quarterly Report of Lessons Learned in the NEPA process.  

This Quarterly Report includes:
  • March 1996 NEPA Contracting Workshop: Do it Right the First Time
  • EIS Coordination between Headquarters and Field
  • Bounding Analysis in DOE NEPA Documents
  • Questions and Answers on EIS References
  • Suggestions from a NEPA Document Manager (Hanford K-Basins Spent Fuel EIS)
  • Toll-Free Phone for Public Involvement
  • Video Conferencing for Public Hearings
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and the NEPA Process
  • Litigation Updates
  • Comments on Proposed Amendments to DOE NEPA Regulations
  • Second quarter FY 1996 Lessons Learned Questionnaire results,including EIS and EA cost and time reports 
  • Analysis of recent trends in  costs and time