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EIS-0457: Final Environmental Impact Statement

Albany-Eugene Rebuild Project, Lane and Linn Counties, OR

This EIS evaluates the potential environmental impacts of a Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) proposal to rebuild a 32-mile section of the Albany-Eugene 115-kilovolt No. 1 Transmission Line. This line extends from the Albany Substation in the City of Albany, Linn County, Oregon, to the Alderwood Tap near Junction City in Lane County, Oregon.

BPA issued the Draft EIS in January 2012 for public review.  BPA considered all comments received to prepare this Comment-Response Addendum (download below) which, together with the Draft EIS, consitutes the Final EIS [40 CFR 1503.4(c)].  The Comment-Response Addendum includes a chapter that indicates revisions to the Draft EIS; deleted text is in strikethrough format and new text is underlined.