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EIS-0421: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Big Eddy-Knight Transmission Project, Wasco County, OR and Klickitat County, WA

BPA is considering three routing alternatives and a no action alternative for the proposed transmission line. The transmission line routing alternatives all would use a combination of existing BPA and new 150 foot wide right-of-way. The routing alternatives range from about 27 to 28 miles long. BPA is considering different tower combination options (single-circuit and double-circuit) including paralleling existing transmission lines. Two substation sites are being considered for the proposed Knight Substation; the sites are on adjacent properties along an existing BPA transmission line. Two fiber optic cable options are also being considered.BPA’s preferred alternative is the East Alternative using some double-circuit towers (Option3), Substation Site 1 and the Wautoma Option for the fiber optic cable.