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EIS-0379: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Rebuild of the Libby (FEC) to Troy Section of BPA's Libby to Bonners Ferry 115-kilovolt Transmission Line

The Libby-Troy transmission line, the 17-mile section of the 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line that extends from a Flathead Electric Cooperative (FEC) substation near the town of Libby, Montana, to a Bonneville substation near the town of Troy, Montana, is an integral part of the larger 115-kV loop in the area that provides electrical service to Libby, Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint and many smaller communities. The Libby-Troy line has been steadily deteriorating and BPA is concerned that it threatens the reliability of the regional system. The line’s cross-arms are rotting and conductor fittings are highly corroded, seriously compromising the integrity of the line. The line is also part of the system that provides redundant load service to the area. BPA needs to rebuild or reinforce the Libby-Troy section of its transmission system to provide redundant load service to northwestern Montana. Without the line, the level of service would be reduced from redundant to radial.