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EIS-0354: Final Environmental Impact Statement

Ivanpah Energy Center

Ivanpah Energy Center, L.P., a Diamond Generating Corporation Company, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation proposes to construct and operate a 500 Megawatt (MW) gasfired electric power generating station in southern Clark County, Nevada. The facility would be known as the Ivanpah Energy Center, LP (IEC). The Environmental Impact Statement evaluates several potential plant sites, two of which were determined to be reasonable alternatives for development. Construction at either site would require consideration of a natural gas supply pipeline, access roads, process water availability and conveyance, telecommunications, and electrical transmission interconnections to the southern Nevada power grid. The purpose of the proposed project is to provide additional reliable electrical generating capacity within the southwestern United States to aid in meeting near-term and future power needs.The Draft EIS (published in November 2002) evaluated potential impacts and mitigation measures that would be associated with construction of the facility at either a site located near Goodsprings, Nevada or a facility located near Primm, Nevada. The Primm, Nevada plant site became commercially unavailable subsequent to issuing the Draft EIS and prior to issuing the Final EIS. Therefore, alternatives that remain viable and under consideration by the BLM are the proposed Goodsprings Plant Site (and ancillary facilities) and the No Action Alternative.