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EIS-0303: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

High-Level Waste Tank Closure, Savannah River Operations Office, Aiken, SC

This EIS evalutes the potential environmental impacts of a proposal to close the high-level waste tanks at the Savannah River Site in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, DOE Orders, and the Industrial Wastewater Closure Plan for F- and H-Area High-Level Waste Tank Systems (approved by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control), which specifies the management of residuals as waste incidental to reprocessing. The proposed action would begin after bulk waste removal has been completed. This EIS evaluates three alternatives regarding the HLW tanks at the SRS. The three alternatives are the Clean and Stabilize Tanks Alternative, the Clean and Remove Tanks Alternative, and the No Action Alternative. The EIS considers three options for tank stabilization: Fill with Grout (Preferred Alternative); Fill with Sand; and Fill with Saltstone.