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EIS-0288: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

This Environmental Impact Statement for the Production of Tritium in a Commercial Light Water Reactor (CLWR EIS) evaluates the environmental impacts associated with producing tritium at one or more of the following five CLWRs: (1) Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Unit 1 (Spring City, Tennessee); (2) Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Unit 1 (Soddy Daisy, Tennessee); (3) Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Unit 2 (Soddy Daisy, Tennessee); (4) Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Unit 1 (Hollywood, Alabama); and (5) Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Unit 2 (Hollywood, Alabama). Specifically, this EIS analyzes the potential environmental impacts associated with fabricating tritium-producing burnable absorber rods (TPBARs); transporting nonirradiated TPBARs from the fabrication facility to the reactor sites; irradiating TPBARs in the reactors; and transporting irradiated TPBARs from the reactors to the proposed tritium extraction facility at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina.