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EIS-0220: Supplemental Record of Decision (November 1997)

Savannah River Operations Office Interim Managemnet of Nuclear Materials at the Savannah River Site

Now, after further review of the plutonium and uranium materials stored in vaults, and considering DOE’s recent adoption of a phased canyon strategy for current and potential nuclear material management missions, DOE has decided to: (1) add an additional method, Processing and Storage for Vitrification in the Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF), to those being implemented for the management of plutonium and uranium stored in vaults; and (2) amend its September 6, 1996, ROD to stabilize the plutonium-239 and neptunium-237 solutions stored in H-Canyon and obsolete neptunium-237 targets stored in K-Reactor to oxide forms using the H- Canyon facilities. These management methods were fully analyzed in the Final EIS.