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EIS-0220: Supplemental record of decision and supplement analysis determination

Interim Management of Nuclear Materials at the Savannah River Site

DOE has now further decided, because of health and safety vulnerabilities, to stabilize the remaining TRR spent nuclear fuel located in the Receiving Basin for Offsite Fuels (RBOF) at the SRS, using the F-Canyon and FB-Line facilities. The TRR spent nuclear fuel to be stabilized consists of the equivalent of 310 fuel rods (some of the rods were fragmented due to conditions in Taiwan) in 62 aluminum canisters stored underwater in RBOF. DOE has decided to stabilize the TRR spent nuclear fuel because additional TRR spent fuel in at least two of the canisters has failed, and DOE believes that the rest is likely to exhibit signs of failure at unpredictable intervals in the near future.