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EIS-0218-SA-03: Supplement Analysis

Foreign Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel Acceptance Program

The objective of this analysis is to determine whether a supplement to the FRR SNF EIS is needed. Under the initial Record of Decision (ROD) signed May 13, 1996 and published in the Federal Register on May 17, 1996 (61 FR 25092), only spent fuel of U.S. origin that is irradiated and discharged from foreign research reactors in the eligible nations before May 13, 2006, can be accepted. Eligible spent fuel can be accepted through May 12, 2009. This Supplement Analysis evaluates a proposal to extend the expiration date for irradiation and return of a limited amount of FRR SNF (not to exceed the originally eligible 20 MTHM), and to include SNF from the Replacement Research Reactor (RRR) in Australia, which will not be commissioned before 2005.