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EIS-0203-SA-02: Supplement Analysis

INL Site Portion of the April 1995 Programmatic Spent Nuclear Fule Management and Idaho National Engineering Laboratory Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Programs

This second Supplement Analysis (2005 SA) examined the changes to activities at the INL Site since the 2002 SA. The 2005 Supplement Analysis did not re-do the analyses conducted in the 2002 SA but evaluated actions from that time forward. The 2005 SA reviewed all NEPA documentation prepared since the 2002 Supplement Analysis to determine what operations have already received NEPA analysis and where previously existing analysis had been supplemented. It also examined INL Site operations program by program to determine what changes had taken place and whether they were within the analyzed scope of the 1995 EIS. Changes in each environmental discipline that was analyzed in the 1995 EIS were also reviewed. Additionally, the decisions made in the 1995 EIS Record ofDecision (ROD) were reviewed to assess their adequacy.