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EIS-0197: Record of Decision (November 1996)

Delivery of the Canadian Entitlement

The United States Entity (the Administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration [BPA] and the Division Engineer, North Pacific Division of the US Army Corps of Engineers [Corps]) has decided to fulfill its obligation under the Columbia River Treaty (Treaty) between the United States of America (United States) and Canada by delivering Canada’s Entitlement under the Treaty to points on the border between Canada and the United States near Blaine, Washington and Nelway, British Columbia (BC). Delivering the full Entitlement at existing interconnections at those locations will require no new transmission facilities in the United States or in Canada. However, construction of cross-Cascades transmission in the United States would be accelerated, to as early as 2005. Delivery of the Canadian Entitlement will begin April 1, 1998.