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EA-1870: Mitigation Action Plan

Utah Coal and Biomass Fueled Pilot Plant, Kanab, UT 

The Department of Energy (DOE) issues this Mitigation Action Plan (MAP) in conjunction with its Finding of No Significant Impact as to the department's proposed action of providing costshared funding for the Utah Coal and Biomass Fueled Pilot Plant Project. Based on the analyses in the Environmental Assessment (DOE/EA-1870), DOE determined that its proposed action allowing Viresco Energy, LLC (Viresco) to use federal funding to design, construct and operate a coal and biomass gasification pilot plant (pilot plant) - would not result in any significant environmental impacts. The pilot plant would evaluate the technical feasibility of using steam hydrogasification to convert coal and biomass (such as agricultural or wood processing waste) into synthesis gas, that could be suitable for production of clean fuels such as substitute natural gas, sulfur-free Fisc!her-Tropsch diesel, jet fuel, dimethyl ether, and methane. 

This MAP identifies mitigation measures, other than those required by permit conditions, which DOE requires Viresco to implement as a condition of DOE's decision to allow federal funds to be used for this project. This MAP explains how mitigation measures will be implemented, who is responsible for their implementation, and at what time during the project they must be implemented.